Términos y condiciones

The Cooper Union Locker Policy and Agreement  


It is the policy of The Cooper Union to provide a locker to any Cooper Union student who requests a locker. By registering for a locker, the student agrees to comply with the regulations set forth in this agreement. Anyone found in violation of this agreement will forfeit their locker; the locker will be emptied; and the contents will be discarded.


If you want to change your locker or need assistance registering for a locker:  



For Engineering students who wish to change their locker or who need assistance with registering for a locker—report to the Facilities Office located at 41 Cooper Square, 1st Floor, Room 111.


For Art students who wish to change their locker or need assistance with registering for a locker—report to the School of Art office located in the Foundation Building, 2nd Floor, Room 201.


For Architecture students who wish to change their locker or who need assistance with registering for a locker— report to the School of Architecture office located in the Foundation Building, 3rd Floor, Room 301.


  1. Students will only be allowed one locker in either The Foundation Building or 41 Cooper Square and only with the school in which they are enrolled.
  2. The use of a Cooper Union lock is required on the locker. The combination of each lock will be maintained by Security.
  3. The Cooper Union lock is property of the school and must be kept with the locker the person registers for. When the person no longer requires use of the locker, the lock must be left on the locker. 
  4. The use of a locker by a person other than to whom it is registered is prohibited.
  5. Use of a personal lock other than the assigned Cooper Union lock is prohibited and is subject to be clipped at any time.
  6. Once a locker is registered occupants are responsible for reporting any damage to the locker to Facilities/School. After a locker is registered, if it is determined that the student damaged the locker, the student may be responsible for the cost of the repairs.
  7. If a student would like to relocate their locker, they cannot do so on their own. They must contact their respective School or Facilities so they can be assigned a new locker.
  8. Returning students must comply with their individual school’s policy regarding summer storage.
  9. When a student no longer requires the use of a locker, the locker and lock will be reassigned, and the student must make the appropriate school aware when the locker is vacated.
  10. Lockers need to be emptied upon completion of your studies at Cooper Union. If the locker is not emptied, it will be cleaned out and the contents will be kept for two weeks before discarding. Graduating seniors must clean out their locker by no later than May 31st. After May 31st, items left in the locker will be discarded.
  11. Prohibited Items:
    • Perishable items, illegal or controlled substances such as drugs or alcohol are also strictly prohibited.
    • Lockers must be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner and kept free from accumulation of food and trash. NO food items are allowed in the lockers.
    • Occupants are not permitted to affix anything to the exterior of their lockers. Occupants must NOT add labels, tags, posters, stickers, etc. in the lockers.  Anything affixed to the inside of the locker must be removed by the student.
      Absolutely NO graffiti, writing, painting or any other form of vandalism will be allowed.
    • Items such as flammable materials, soiled clothing, rags, paint thinner, firearms, inappropriate material, or items in violation of the Harassment (including Sexual Harassment) and Discrimination policy, etc., shall not be kept on the locker.
  12. Cooper Union Security reserves the right to access all lockers at any time.
  13. The Cooper Union will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.
  14. Any Faculty or Staff members who are assigned a locker will be responsible to adhere to this policy.     

By registering for a locker, I understand and agree to the terms set forth above in The Cooper Union Locker Policy and Agreement.